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Toronto did an event in 2005 and we are ready to welcome you back for a very special time in our great city which boasts being one of the most diverse and inclusive cities in the world (according to the UN).  There will be lots for you to see and do and lots of opportunities for you to meet up with everyone attending IFCON.  We have arranged a large ground floor hospitality lounge in the hotel (complete with bartender and snacks) to encourage mingling and conversation


Our host hotel (Courtyard Marriott) is a five-minute walk to Toronto’s colorful gay Village with its restaurants, cafes, bars, stripper club and shops. It has great energy and is open all day and into the evening.  Yet the hotel is nestled in a quiet residential space to offer you a peaceful respite.

We have arranged special events for each day (including social events one day in advance and one when we end): a banquet with entertainment and dancing on Saturday; and on Sunday, we are having an evening harbour boat cruise, supper and dancing originating from Toronto's colorful Harbourfront Centre”.  In addition, we will have volunteers who can take you to different parts of the city (e.g., shopping spots, Art Gallery of Ontario, our Island gay beach (only an 8-minute Ferry Ride away), Toronto’s large gay MCC church, etc.


Our committee is working hard to provide you with a great experience.  The committee members are Martin Sterling, David Shaw, Terry McCullum (coordinator) and Wesley Hung (a member of the International Committee for many years and who lives in Toronto) as a special consultant.

COVID-19: The Canadian government is requiring all visitors to Canada to show proof of full vaccination and the IFCON 2022 organizing committee is unanimous in stating its support for maximum health protection for all attending IFCON 2022.  Therefore, it will limit the event to participants and volunteers who are fully vaccinated and will abide by all public health guidelines in place at the time of the event.

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A Brief History of IFCON

It started out in 1988 as a small informal gathering of Asians & Friends members from Washington and New York to celebrate the DC group's fourth anniversary. The following year, there was a reciprocal visit to NYC. In 1990, it was decided to invite other groups to participate, and ever since, a simple gathering of friends has blossomed into an exciting international social and educational gathering every Labor Day weekend.

IFCON offers fun, support, and camaraderie for Asian men and their friends. It is hosted by a different member chapter each year and has drawn participants from around the globe.

IFW Host Cities (International Friendship Weekend)
I. Washington, DC - 1990
II. Chicago, IL - 1991
III. San Francisco, CA - 1992
IV. Pittsburgh, PA - 1993
V. New York, NY - 1994
VI. Dallas, TX - 1995
VII. London, England - 1996
VIII. Los Angeles, CA - 1997
IX. Cleveland, OH - 1998
X. Washington, DC - 1999
XI. Chicago, IL - 2000
XII. Houston, TX - 2001
XIII. Bahamas Cruise (Hosted by AF South Florida) - 2002
XIV. Pittsburgh, PA - 2003
XV. Philadelphia, PA - 2004

iCON Host Cities (Independent Event until 2005)
1. London, England - 1999
2. Seattle, WA, USA - 2000
~ No iCON Event in 2001 ~ 
3. Montréal, Canada - 2002
4. Paris, France - 2003
5. Bangkok, Thailand - 2004

IFW / iCON Host Cities (Joint Hosted Events)
XVI. Toronto, Canada - 2005
XVII. San Francisco, CA - 2006
XVIII. Minneapolis, MN - 2007
XIX. Berlin, Germany - 2008

IFCON Host Cities (After Name Changed in 2009)
XX. Atlanta, GA - 2009
XXI. Caribbean Cruise (Hosted by AF Chicago) - 2010
XXII. Houston, TX - 2011
XXIII. Denver, CO - 2012
XXIV. San Diego, CA - 2013
XXV. Washington, DC - 2014
XXVI. New Orleans, LA (Hosted by AF Houston) - 2015
XXVII. Chicago, IL - 2016
XXVIII. Montréal, Canada - 2017

XXIX. Palm Springs, CA - 2018

XXX. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Hosted by AF Cleveland) - 2019

~ No IFCON Event in 2020 ~

XXXI. Orlando, FL - 2021


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